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Zatorcal works exclusively for the auto industry supplying Aluminium and Magnesium Die Casting components


Zatorcal has always worked exclusively for the auto industry and for the Tier One leading companies. We are specialized in offering innovative and high quality solutions for our clients. We do so due to our 15 years experience in Aluminium and Magnesium Die Casting. We have already successfully developed more than 200 projects.


Zatorcal has been a successful story ever since 1999


Zatorcal was founded in 1999 as a Zinc Die Casting provider for the automotive industry. In 2001, Zatorcal incorporated Aluminium and Magnesium Die Casting capacity allowing it to grow and consolidate itself as a leading company. Nowadays, Zatorcal is a solid organisation working to make real its future projects.


Zatorcal team is our most valuable asset


Zatorcal’s team combines both experience and future projection. From engineers to operators, in Zatorcal, everyone cooperates to guarantee customer satisfaction and thus achieve the company’s goals. The whole team works through the Kaizen system and the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. That’s why the human factor makes the difference at Zatorcal.

Vision & Values

Our goal: Operational exellence


Millions of cars around the world are made up of some of our components. That is the reason why in Zatorcal we are compromised with quality, efficiency, sustainability and continuous improvement.

In addition, Zatorcal promotes accountability, teamwork and learning capacity to all stakeholders.


Zatorcal team is our most valuable asset


Aluminium Die Casting


Die casting experts for the automotive leading alloy.


Magnesium Die Casting


Wide competence in producing the lightest metal components for the auto industry


Electronic components


Manufacturing electronic components for vehicles around the world.