Zero defects

First time quality orientation

Permanent control to guarantee
total quality


Zatorcal reviews its processes in order to detect and neutralize inefficiencies or internal scraps. Our goal is to produce and deliver quality to our clients. To do so, we have different equipment to measure quality:


  • CNC Mitutoyo Crysta Apex measuring machine
  • Keyence Blue laser control system
  • GOM optical measurement machine
  • Spectrometer

A quality certified company


Zatorcal has been a pioneer company in the implementation of IATF16949 norm. Our goal is to achieve operational excellence by minimizing inefficiencies and being 100% sustainable.


Take a look at the certifications that sustain Zatorcal:

medición laser faro zatorcal

Committed to the environment


In Zatorcal the environmental commitment is recognized with the ISO14001 certification. The company also tramits its environmentally respectful values to employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.

First time Quality,
Zatorcal’s team
main objective


Aluminium Die Casting


Die casting experts for the automotive leading alloy.


Magnesium Die Casting


Wide competence in producing the lightest metal components for the auto industry.


Electronic components


Manufacturing electronic components for vehicles around the world.